Next-Generation Gear Meter Series from AW-Lake

Next-Generation Gear Meter Series from AW-Lake

AW-Lake Process Flow Measurement introduced its Next-Generation Gear Meter Series, which features tighter tolerances, higher resolutions, higher standard pressure ratings (6000 psi), improved accuracy, wider turndowns (100:1), and a new low-viscosity series. The Next-Generation Gear Meters include high-performance materials. They have a high chemical resistance to operate safely in abrasive or filled fluids, long service life of more than 30 years in the field, +0.1 percent repeatability, and +0.5 percent standard accuracy. These positive displacement gear meters operate in bi-directional flow applications and are unaffected by changing viscosities. 

The Gear Meters provide multiple output options, including pulse, analog, and Modbus, to deliver data in required formats for PLCs, PCs, and remote displays. When combined with AW-EDGE Lake's Flow Electronics, the Next-Generation Gear Meters enable better access, understanding, and control of a process from a smartphone. Mobile and PC-based applications simplify installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. 

The following items are part of the Next-Gen Series: 

The JV-BB Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter replaces the JV-KG Line for measuring oil, fuel, polyurethane, brake fluid, Skydrol, and other non-abrasive, low-to-medium viscosity lubricating fluids. These gear meters are a good substitute for mag meters or oval gear technology because they have high accuracy and a wide turndown range. Units are ideal for chemical injection and dosing systems, fuel measurement, test stands, and hydraulic positioning systems. 

The JV-TC Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter replaces the JV-CG line for highly accurate, cost-effective metering of paints, adhesives, sealants, light, and heavy fuel oils, resins, lubricants, and petrochemical products. The JV-TC Gear Meters are ideal for metering small-particle fluids with medium to high viscosity in filling and dosing systems, as well as two- and three-component mixing systems. 

The JVH Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter measures oil, fuel, additives, and chemicals in hazardous environments. The gear meters operate in systems rated at 15,000 psi (1035 bar). Markets include offshore production platforms for chemical injection, land-based oil recovery sites, and chemical processing plants.  

The JV-UF Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter is a new series for measuring flow rates of low viscosity fluids such as kerosene, fuels, and odorants at very low flow rates as low as two cc/min. The JV-UF Gear Meters are ideal for chemical injection skids, fuel, and solvent measurement, liquid seal dispensing, batching, and dosing.

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