The Hawk Measurement OptioLaser L100 and L200 Laser Level Transmitters

Hawk Measurement OptioLaser L100 and L200

The Hawk Measurement OptioLaser L100 and L200 Laser Level Transmitters are perfect for measuring the level, distance, and the location of solid and liquid surfaces. 

The OptioLaser L100/L200 is a non-contact laser sensor used to measure the distance to solid and liquid surfaces, slurries, or murky water. Solid surfaces can be anything from a metal plate on the side of an overhead crane to the top of material stored in a silo. With an easy-to-use menu system, the OptioLaser is configurable for either distance or level measurement. The high accuracy, long-range, and fast update rate make this the ideal sensor for many different applications.

The OptioLaser uses a unique laser that has a very narrow beam that can measure long and short distances at practically any angle. Furthermore, the OptioLaser L100/L200 is made entirely of stainless steel and is exceptionally tough and perfect for the harshest conditions. Their accuracy and durability make the OptioLaser ideal for a wide range of applications and industries.

The sensors are highly effective in various applications, including blocked chute detection, material handling, positioning, plastic pellet silos, conveyor belt edge control, ore pass levels, and bin levels. 

The OptioLaser L100/L200 Laser Level Transmitters are fully programmable and come with user-friendly software. The lasers, which can measure distance or level, are particularly valuable in applications such as mining. 

The OptioLaser S200 Laser Sensor monitors tripper positioning, blockage detection, barrier detection, machine detection, stockpile monitoring, and point-level measurement. Typical applications consist of block chute detection, stockpile monitoring, tank and silo level, collision detection, and truck or machine detection.

The Hawk Measurement OptioLaser L100 and L200 are the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications such as plastics, mining, aggregates, water and wastewater, oil and gas, pulp and paper, pharma, food and beverages, and chemicals and petrochemicals.

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The ABB LST200 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The ABB LST200 ultrasonic level transmitter makes accurate level measuring easier than ever. Its sophisticated algorithm eliminates noise interference to provide ultra-stable level measurement in even the most demanding conditions. The LST200 delivers lower total lifetime expenditure on purchasing, installation, and maintenance due to its user-friendly interface, modular design, and diagnostic messages, making it the simplest level measurement option for water and wastewater, power generation, and pulp and paper industries.

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