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Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year, from everyone at Hile Controls of Alabama.

The Mark 75A Series Wafer Style Control Valves With Modular, Stackable Actuator

Mark 75A Series

Jordan Valve introduced the Mark 75A wafer-style control valve with its modular, stackable actuator as the next generation of control valves. 

The Mark 75A incorporates a modular, stackable actuator to reduce weight and footprint dimensions further while providing increased torque and all of the benefits of the time-tested Sliding Gate seat design in a lightweight, compact body.

The Mark 75A, which is available in 1" through 6" (DN25 - DN150") sizes, is a high-value solution used in a variety of applications.

Mark 75A = Modular and Stackable Actuator 

The new actuator design has a 25-square-inch effective diaphragm area per module and can be stacked to increase the total effective area to 50 or 75 square inches. The use of aluminum in construction ensures that the automated package is lightweight. 

Mark 75A = Less Weight 

The Mark 75A is significantly lighter and has a smaller envelope than other valve designs, reducing transportation, installation, and support costs. For example, a 4" Mark 75A with a 75M actuator is 27 lbs. 

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