Precise and Robust Gas Flow Meter for Flare Gas or Flare Stack Applications


Flare stacks are found on nearly every oil and gas installation as part of the waste gas system and as a controlled vent for high volumes of combustible gases during an upset. The pressure, volume flow, and gas composition in a flare stack can vary significantly over short periods due to their nature. Ultrasonic flow meters are well suited for reliable process control of flares due to their accurate measurement. Flow rates range from almost zero to more than 120 m/s, ensuring the optimum ratio of O2 and steam to combustion gas is maintained and that the actual volume of flared gas is determined. 

Sick's FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT ultrasonic gas flow measuring instrument for flare gas measurement or flare metering is a perfect solution. The high-resolution measurement sensor and innovative design specifically for the applications in petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and offshore and onshore oil and gas plants. Applications for the FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT include emission control or monitoring, detection of flare gas leaks, steam flow measurement, gas loss monitoring, steam injection in flare gas burning, process optimization, and condition monitoring. Gas velocity, temperature, volume and mass, mass flow rate, molecular weight, volumetric flow a. c., volumetric flow s. c., and sound velocity are all measured by the gas flow meter. The flare gas flow meter supports predictive maintenance and provides intelligent device monitoring for current and future challenges.

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