Introducing the LowFlow MK708MAX Control Valve

LowFlow MK708MAX Control Valve

The MK708MAX is a valuable addition to our line of precision globe-style control valves giving our control valve line the ability to get into higher flow applications. The LowFlow MK708Max will have a CV range from 6.5-10 (5.6 - 8.65kv), utilize the 35M actuator, and allow for a maximum inlet pressure of 1,000psi. All accessories that would normally be offered on a MK708 will be offered for the MK- 708MAX.


MK708MAX Product Highlights

  • Capable of handling 1,000psi (69 bar) inlet pressures at 100°F (38°C) - the competition only goes up to 720psi (50bar)
  • CVs ranging from 6.5-10 (5.6 - 8.65kv)
  • Body Material Options- Bronze, Carbon Steel, and Stainless.
  • Available in 1” (DN25)

MK708MAX Applications

High Pressure Gas, Aerospace/Fuel Testing, Refining/Chem/Petrochem, Pilot Plants/R&D

For more information about the MK708MAX in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle, contact Hile Controls of Alabama. Call 800.536.0269 or visit

Webinar: Advantages of Ultrasonic Technology for Flare Apps in the Chemical, Petrochemical & Refinery Industries


Flare stacks are used on nearly every oil and gas installation as part of the waste gas system and as a regulated vent for high volumes of combustible gases during an upset. The pressure, volume flow, and gas composition in a flare stack can vary significantly over short periods. Since its inception in the 1920s, ultrasonic technology has evolved for various applications, including the calculation of flare gas flow. Ultrasonic flow meters are well suited for reliable process monitoring of flares due to their precise measurement of flow rates ranging from almost zero to more than 120 m/s. Using ultrasonic flow meters ensures that the optimal ratio of O2 and steam to combustion gas is maintained and proper calculation of the actual amount of flared gas.

On April 22, 2021, ultrasonic flow meter manufacturer SICK Sensor Intelligence and industry publication Chemical Engineering are presenting "Advantages of Ultrasonic Technology for Flare Apps in the Chemical, Petrochemical & Refinery Industries."

Please reserve the date and join SICK Sensor Intelligence and Chemical Engineering for this webinar to learn about the latest developments and benefits of using ultrasonic technology for flare applications. 


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