Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters from AW-Lake

Portable Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The Portable CUTT meter from AW-Lake delivers non-invasive flow measurement in the most demanding industrial settings and applications while requiring little installation complexity and expense. 

The Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter deploys to measure flow whenever needed, without requiring complex installations or disrupting the operation, as other technologies do. Transducers for the Portable CUTT fit exterior pipes ranging from 12" to 48". 

The Portable CUTT, housed in a rugged IP67 shell, is intended for use in temporary or permanent installations in any environment. These meters work with various metal and plastic pipe materials and "corrosive substances" that would harm regular inline flow meters. Consequently, the non-intrusive, clamp-on ultrasonic sensors provide superior flow measurement with an onboard Datalogger, an easy-to-use setup menu, and a long battery life with no pressure drop, making it the ideal solution for most liquid flow applications.

The Portable CUTT meter has CE approval and is CSA certified as Intrinsically Safe for use in Hazardous Area rated environments:
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D
  • Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D
  • Class II, Groups E, F and G
  • Class III, Type 4
Non-Contacting Flow Measurement
Ultrasonic transducers clamp to the exterior of pipes, enabling installation without shutting down the system and causing no pressure drop.

User-Friendly Operating System
With an integrated keypad and a simple menu system, you may quickly and easily configure pipe diameter, pipe material, liquid type, and measurement units. Backup of settings, calibration, and totalizer values during power outages is standard. 

Wide Range of Applications
Compatible with various pipe materials and fluids, such as treated, raw, cooling, low-conductivity water, water/glycol mixtures, chemicals, and hydraulic, diesel, and fuel oils.

Safe in Wet Locations
IP67 (NEMA 6) rating allows for safe operation during temporary periods of submergence.

Convenient Portable Tool
Transport all you need for on-demand flow measurement in a rugged, weather-tight carrying case. Approx. shipping weight of 12 lbs (5.5 kg)

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Hile Controls Provides Solutions for All Your Temperature Sensing Needs

Hile Controls Provides Solutions for All Your Temperature Sensing Needs

Temperature plays a vital role in many industrial processes. Thus precise measurement is essential. Temperatures that are not precise may have serious repercussions, such as limiting the lifespan of your equipment if overheated by a few degrees. Many processes rely on temperature monitoring to ensure fluids flow smoothly, goods stay fresh, chemical reactions are predictable, and working environments stay at the right temperature. 

Temperature sensors, indicators, and transmitters are essential for measurement in many industrial, medical, scientific, aerospace, and HVAC processes. Hile Controls, Inc., along with partner JMS Southeast, provides a complete line of high-quality standard and custom temperature sensors, including thermocouples, RTDs, and thermowells, as well as a wide selection of temperature accessories.

Hile Controls, Inc.

Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day


Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day

Sullivan Process Controls S&S Brand Control Valves

S&S Brand Control Valves

Sullivan Process Controls dedicates itself to providing the highest-quality control valves and instrumentation for industrial process control. They work extremely hard every day to save their customers time and money while helping to protect the environment.

Formerly known as Sullivan and Sons, Inc., they have manufactured and sold instrumentation and S&S Brand control valves for decades. Their building in Haughton, Louisiana, operates as a manufacturing, service, and repair facility that offers on-site field and engineering services. They maintain a large local stock of S&S Brand Control Valves.

Sullivan Process Controls provides a superior product, exceptional service & support, and specialized customer care. All products are manufactured to exacting standards and calibrated using the latest calibration technology.

Hile Controls, Inc.

A New Name to Better Reflect the Areas We Cover!

Hile Controls, Inc.

After 40+ years, we've dropped the 'of Alabama' from our name to accurately reflect the territory we cover - Alabama, Mississippi, the Florida Panhandle, and Western Tennessee, not to mention the multitude of products we offer outside of our traditional territory coverage. 

Our new "hilecontrolsinc.com" email addresses and website now reflect the new name, so please note the changes (don't worry, the old ones will continue to work). Our physical address is the same, and phone numbers and Fed ID. 

Everyone at Hile Controls, Inc. is ready to provide the same excellent service you're grown accustomed to receiving since 1980. Thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Hile Controls, Inc.