Kayden Instruments CLASSIC™ Series Thermal Dispersion Flow, Level, Interface & Temperature Switches & Transmitters

Kayden Instruments

Kayden Instruments is a leading manufacturer of flow, level, interface & temperature products in the process control community.

Their products assist organizations in the global oil and gas, pipeline, power, mining, chemical, transportation, water and wastewater, food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, plastics, pulp & paper, and semiconductor industries to improve process efficiency.

Features that make their CLASSIC™ 800 standout amongst the competition:

Patented Design

  • Kayden’s patented designs provide the ultimate performance and features package for flow, level, interface, and temperature sensing.
  • Kayden’s products combine precision welded, highly accurate sensors, extremely rugged enclosures, and advanced digital electronics.
  • The CLASSIC 800 Series combines the failure resistance inherent in Thermal Dispersion technology with the performance and features usually reserved for much more expensive instruments.

Universal Power Input

  • Some manufacturers require upfront specifying of all options, such as relay-energized mode, at the time of order. Still, with the Kayden CLASSIC 800 series, you can select your choice of operation modes by simply pushing a few buttons.
  • The universal power input capability of the Kayden CLASSIC 800 series provides flexibility for use in all power input situations.

Discrete & Analog Outputs

  • Modbus registers via RS-485 4-20 mA analog representation of Thermal Signal.
  • Two SPDT sealed relay contacts rated @ 4 amps resistive 230 VAC or 24 VDC maximum.


  • Adjustable Set Point Deadbands
  • 4 Adjustable Independent Switch Point Timers

Advanced Diagnostics

  • Kayden’s CLASSIC 800 series uses an advanced microprocessor to perform continuous self-test diagnostics on the electronics and the sensor elements.
  • Any open or shorted connection will result in a FAULT indication that deactivates all relays and disables the heater circuitry.
  • An internal watchdog circuit ensures that the microprocessor code is performing as expected, and a secondary external watchdog circuit confirms the microprocessor itself is functioning. Both circuits force the contacts open, illuminate the Fault LED, and force the heater off in a malfunction, preventing the possibility of a “run-away” heater or a high thermal offset.

Intelligent User Controls

  • The Kayden CLASSIC 800 series Display Panel features very bright LED indicators for easy viewing even in direct sunlight.
  • An adjustable power-on Start-up Bypass Timer is accessible from the Display Panel for low-flow alarm pump protection applications. This feature makes it possible to disable a pump on low flow and have it automatically restart after a predetermined time in the event of a power interruption.
  • Four adjustable delay timers introduce repeatable time delay into the (setpoint) relay trip function. For example, in a pump protection application, this function will shut down the pump after the switch sensor has gone “dry” for the pre-set time (delay) limit.
  • The Kayden RCM (Remote Communications and Monitoring) Software allows all the settings to be configured remotely and saved as a file, transmitted as an email attachment, and printed for future reference.
  • The Kayden RCM Software includes the option of locking the CLASSIC 800 Series Display Panel to eliminate field adjustments or tampering.
  • Modbus allows multiple Kayden units to be connected to the same communications bus (via RS-485) and monitored simultaneously.

For more information about Kayden in Alabama, Mississippi, Western Tennessee, and Florida, contact Hile Controls of Alabama. Call them at 800-536-0269 or visit their website at https://hilealabama.com.