Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters for Custody Transfer and Process Control

Custody transfer of natural gas is accomplished through pipelines, with billings calculated based upon measurements of gas flow made during the transfer. The measurement instruments used in custody transfer operations must employ technology that is recognized and accepted by all the parties involved in the transaction. Additionally, the devices employed should be scrupulously maintained and of rugged design in order to provide continuous accurate operation.

Volumetric flow measurement in gas lines can be reliably accomplished using ultrasonic flow meters specifically designed and configured for the task. Ultrasonic gas flow measurement relies on the principle of transit time differential. Precise measurements are made of the time between transmission and receipt of the ultrasonic signal as it passes through the media within the pipe. The sound velocity transit time is affected by the velocity of the media, providing a means to determine media velocity and calculate the flow volume.

Adding multiple measuring paths can provide higher accuracy, measurement redundancy, or a combination of both. Integrating temperature and pressure sensors into the instrument enables provision of additional necessary data from a single point.

Proper device selection and configuration for each application will provide the best results. More information is available from product application specialists. Share your flow measurement requirements and challenges with them, combining your process knowledge with their product application expertise to produce the most effective solutions.