Level Measurement - Floating Roof Terminals

Level measurement Floating Roof Terminals

Designed for industrial applications and harsh environments., the LLT100  provides continuous, non-contact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management. 

Terminals are critical for maintaining a steady supply for economies globally. Thus, there is a high emphasis on mitigating asset loss due to inclement weather, cross-contamination, overfilling, and fugitive emissions. The 2016 API Standard 2350 for overfill protection and prevention puts into place a standard for compliance. However, due to aging technology, the options for technology already installed were limited.

Level Measurement
Floating roof technology consisting of pontoons and seal liners. The floating roof is critical to prevent fugitive emissions and protect assets from contamination and the technology to monitor the height and pitch. However, most of this technology requires large targets to be mounted, and there are limited options for redundancy.

As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, predictive maintenance and early warnings will be crucial to automating an aging but critical part of global infrastructure. ABB has released a differentiating technology not reliant on float tape, large reflection surfaces for open path radar, and not dependent on specific gravity or dielectric constant. It can be mounted close to tank walls while eliminating time-consuming echo mapping and false echo suppression.

ABB's LLT100 series laser encompasses these qualities and offers a simple user interface for fast commissioning, and performs reliably without the need for calibration. It's the modern solution to enable terminals to comply with new API standards and add redundancy on mission-critical tasks. ABB has success-fully implemented this on multiple sites with results exceeding customer's expectations.

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