Non-intrusive, Non-invasive Fluid Identification and Condition Monitoring with Perceptive Sensor Technologies

Perceptive Sensor Technologies

Did you know there's an innovation that can now identify any fluid inside any sealed container, or that you can continually monitor and detect fluids in a closed pipeline or tank? Well it is possible to do with real-time and spot-check accuracy using Perceptive Sensor Technologies patented technology.

Condition Monitoring with Perceptive Sensor Technologies

The technology was originally developed by the us government to monitor treaty agreements pertaining to chemical weapons, specifically as an efficient way to inspect artillery shells and ensure they did not contain chemical agents. If they did, the sensor also identified the chemical agent inside the artillery shell.

Perceptive Sensor Technologies controls the patented technology and is introducing this technology to the worldwide marketplace to fill an unmet demand to efficiently track and monitor liquid materials. 

Here's how Perceptive Sensors Technologies works:

Just like every person has an identifiable fingerprint, at any given temperature every fluid has a one of a kind acoustic signature fingerprint. When a sound wave travels through a fluid, it produces a unique identifiable measurement. Perceptive Sensors patented science produces an acoustic signal, measures it, and computes the signature to accurately identify the fluid authenticity. This technology offers fast, reliable, and economical inspections. It's easily scalable it works on any sealed container, pipeline, machinery, or system now. Any fluid can be strategically spot-checked or continually monitored to expedite transit, manage product quality, deter theft, and find contraband.

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