Coriolis Mass Flow Fluid Dosage Controller

Coriolis mass flow fluid dosage controller
Cori-Fill Coriolis mass flow fluid dosage controller
can improve fluid process throughput and quality.
Image courtesy Bronkhorst USA
Mixing and combining fluids in a process can require high levels of measurement and control accuracy to achieve consistent results. Increasing a system's levels of  accuracy can translate into higher efficiency and less waste of fluid components that may be a substantial portion of product cost.

A Coriolis flow meter measures mass flow directly, providing a highly accurate means of controlling fluid dosage without the need to depend on pump displacement or weighing as a means of controlling component additions.

The accuracy and consistency of dosing and metering pumps is impacted by temperature, air entrapment in liquids, component wear, and changing pressure. Utilizing the Cori-Fill mass flow dosage controller, from Bronkhorst USA, puts in place an integrated solution with flow meter, PID controller and control valve that overcomes many of the shortfalls of other technologies.

Numerous advantages accrue with this strategy (from Improving Dosing and Metering Pump Performance,
  • Direct mass flow control of the flow
  • Mass flow dosing is independent of temperature and pressure, in contrast to the volumetric dosing when only a pump is used
  • Accurate delivery mitigating normal pump issues
  • Alarm functionality of low flow
  • Preventative maintenance based on pump performance over time
  • Consistent flow measurement based on actual not assumed numbers
There is more to learn about the use and advantages of Coriolis mass flow controllers. Additional information is contained in the document included below. Share your flow measurement and control requirements and challenges with a process measurement specialist. Develop effective solutions by leveraging your own process knowledge and experience with their product application expertise.