Programmable Automation Controller Flexes into Many Applications

programmable automation controller modular backplane
One of several programmable automation controller
backplane configurations for the T2750.
Image courtesy Eurotherm
The Eurotherm T2750 is a high performance modular control unit that provides redundancy and capability that are unmatched in a consolidated single unit. The controller backplane, of which there are several variants to accommodate the scope of I/O needed for a wide range of process applications, can be populated from an array of I/O and function modules providing a customized setup that closely matches project requirements.

Capabilities of the programmable automation controller include:
  • I/O Block
  • Communications
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Control
  • Timing
  • Logic
  • Math
  • Valve and Motor Control
  • Diagnostics
  • Recorder
  • More
There is much more to learn about the highly capable T2750 Programmable Automation Controller. For more information, share your process automation and control challenges with a product application specialist, leveraging your own process knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop an effective solution.