FAQs For Industrial Uninterruptible Power Systems

industrial uninterruptible power supply
Industrial UPS
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ABB Cyberex
As the usage of computer and electronic based systems continues to expand, the deployment of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) finds its way into more and more facilities. This trend is unlikely to taper off during the professional career of anybody alive at the present, so I thought it useful to share a well crafted piece that purports to answer the most frequently asked questions about industrial UPS. The piece is produced by ABB - Cyberex, a manufacturer of industrial UPS gear, and it does a superb job of providing concise, understandable explanations of the basic considerations for UPS selection.

  • Description which defines an industrial UPS
  • Considerations for battery sizing
  • Battery technologies and how they may impact various applications
  • An explanation of pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Types of circuit protection to be employed with UPS
  • Sizing a UPS and the CBEMA curve (that's Computer Business Equipment Manufacturer's Association)
  • Single phase vs. three phase UPS
Take a few minutes and browse the document. There is something new and useful in it for everyone. Share your UPS project plans and challenges with a product application specialist, combining your facility and project knowledge with their product and technology expertise to develop effective solutions.